Agile, efficient

and intelligent hiring.

Enlizt is a recruitment platform developed for teams who want to optimize their hiring process and get instant results.  

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A new way

to hire great talent. 


Personalize your application process
to attract qualified candidates.
With Enlizt’s hiring funnel, you can screen candidates efficiently in minutes. Count on  tests, videos, documents and more.

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An agile hiring tool that is user-friendly

to your entire organization.

Count on Enlizt to deliver increased ROIs for your HR team

Streamline your tasks,

with less clicks.

Enlizt was created with a modern and intuitive design for user-friendly navigation. Automate tasks, apply intelligent search features and schedule online interviews in only a few clicks. 

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Pricing and features tailored to your growing business.

Count on Enlizt’s affordable and flexible pricing plan to scale your recruiting efforts!

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All your recruiting needs

met in one platform. 


Custom careers Page and URLs


Intuitive candidate funnel


Candidate messaging and feedback automation


Job approval workflows


Job board integrations


Multiple hiring workflows


Custom reporting


Remote interview

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Hire amazing talent in a few clicks.

No fees.

No credit card.

Explore the platform commitment-free.

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Customer Testimonials

“Enlizt is the most cost effective recruiting platform we’ve tried thus far. It greatly reduces our process time and allows us to focus on candidates that are most suitable to the position. Their team is responsive and helpful every step of the way.”

Wing Ng

HR Coordinator at Intertrend

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